CamGrab. Free, Easy to use simple utility for capture / playback of Yahoo Messenger users webcams. Save as image sequence or AVI video.

CamGrab2 LE Capture Yahoo Webcams

CamGrab has been saving your Yahoo! Messenger webcams since March 2002. The first dedicated capture program for Yahoo Messenger and FREE!

Things have changed a lot since then, but CamGrab-2LE still allows you to make quick and simple recordings of the webcams you view. The free version has some limitations; you have to keep the webcam you are recording visible and some of the options are fixed, but with just a few clicks you will soon be capturing webcams with ease. CamGrab2 LE provides the following main features:

  • Save yahoo webcam stream to numbered JPG files

  • Save images to AVI movie

  • Playback stored webcams (double click the preview window/Play icon)

  • Variable speed/window-size playback

  • Auto tracks webcam window

  • Fixed capture frame rate 1 frame/sec

  • Preview window

  • Images stored in directory under users name (Separate for Large and Small webcam image) - Auto detected.


download Archive Viewer for Yahoo Messenger
File Version:
File Date: 31-7-09
File Size: 2.9Mb
File Type: freeware
commentNOTE: free CamGrab-2LE is free to download / use, but takes many hours to develop / test. Take a look at CamGrab2+ for more features and support development.

WAIT!: Before you download, have you checked out the extra Advanced Features of CamGrab2+:
* Record webcams even when they are covered by other windows! (no need to keep on top)
* No limitations on image quality
* With up to 20fps capture rate you will not miss a thing! (20x faster than LE version)
* Duplicate frame detection means you will only save new frames, saving disk space
* Compact design, hides to system tray when not needed
* Capture multiple webcams at once!

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