CamGrab. Free, Easy to use simple utility for capture / playback of Yahoo Messenger users webcams. Save as image sequence or AVI video.

CamGrab2+ Advanced yahoo messenger webcam companion ( record / playback )

CamGrab-2+ has been updated to make interoperability with Yahoo Messenger even easier. Check out some of the advanced features below. Take the guesswork out of recording and saving Yahoo! Messenger webcams. Easiest way to view, edit, record, organize and playback webcams.

download CamGrab-2+
File Version:
File Date: 31-7-09
File Size: 3.3Mb
File Type: Free trial

  • More efficient active webcam detection (Auto refresh - New webcam windows automatically listed, old ones removed. No need for constant refreshing)

  • Captures web cams even when covered by other windows or off screen!

  • Thumbnail image browser - Organise and save your captured webcams

  • Enhanced playback window - updated to allow simple editing and searching (Start play from any position)

  • Cleans up empty webcam directories (Reduce "no pics found" error messages during playback)

  • Option: Save image sequence as Bmp, JPG, EXE

  • Record webcam direct to AVI

  • Set Quality of JPG files(1-100)*

  • Option: capture only new frames (Remove duplicates**)

  • Variable frame rate capture - Capture every frame (Up to 20fps - great for super mode).

  • Change default save-to directory for image files

  • No limit on number of frames captured***

  • Option - Auto create new save-to directories each session (Separate images taken on different days)

  • Copy frame to clipboard

  • Upload to website via FTP:
    • Real-time upload of single frame
    • Or Image sequence
    • Upload viewed cam/own cam
    • Let people view your cam via Yahoo & webpage simultaneously
    • playback over web

  • Capture own webcam

  • Save single frame to file

  • Grab a single frame

  • Playback multiple cams

  • Hide to windows tray

  • Automatically keeps webcam ontop (minimize lost frames)

  • Capture multiple cams

  • Image controls (adjust brightness/colour balance)

  • Option: Save large and small webcam in one directory / Scale all to small or large size(Image size change during capture detected and auto-scaled before save)

  • Fully customize colour scheme of CamGrab-2
    • Load saved colour themes

  • NEW save to EXE (Details here)

  • European Language yahoo instant messaging support:
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • France
    • Spain

  • Compatible with the latest messenger version (v9)

  • E-mail support

  • ONLY £15.95!

  • warm happy feeling knowing you have helped with development costs :)

  • + more...

*JPG quality 1=low 100=high. LE version fixed at 40. for best (exact) quality save to bmp.
**True duplicate frames -Those received not just identical content Use with a fast frame rate accurately capture entire video stream.
***Practical limits still apply-disk space etc :)

Screen Shot of CamGrab-2+ in operation:

Above shows the live image adjust controls opened, Thumnail browser window, Playback/edit window and user interface setup windows opened.

download CamGrab-2+
File Version:
File Date: 31-7-09
File Size: 3.3Mb
File Type: Free trial


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