CamGrab. Free, Easy to use simple utility for capture / playback of Yahoo Messenger users webcams. Save as image sequence or AVI video.

CamGrab2 PlayBack v1.01 - New save as option 'EXE' Record Yahoo Webcams

The Problem:

Yahoo Messenger webcam images are not a fixed rate stream. They can vary from a frame every few seconds upto 20 frames per second. To capture and be able to playback the webcam exactly as first seen requires a fixed frame rate, this does get all the frames but at the expense of recording duplicate frames, when the webcam image has yet to update. Capturing only new frames (No Duplicates) reduces the wasted disk space but at the loss of consistent playback speed. 

The Solution:

CamGrab-2 SE now comes with a new save to option. 'EXE' 
Using this option creates a standalone exe player for each webcam you capture. To playback your saved webcam simply run the playback file created.
CamGrab Player files can be transferred and run on other machines without CamGrab for playback.


  • No duplicate frames saved (reduced disk space consumed)

  • Every frame saved

  • Timing information saved to ensure playback at same speed

  • Repeat for playback

  • Variable playback speed

  • Quality (and overall file size) controlled by JPG image settings

Download an example webcam saved to EXE here... (example shown below of screen capture)

Playback window can be re-sized from icon to full screen. 

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