CamGrab. Free, Easy to use simple utility for capture / playback of Yahoo Messenger users webcams. Save as image sequence or AVI video.

The Home of CamGrab2

CamGrab1 was a simple utility I wrote back in March of 2002, It was not too complex but done It's job quite well. When other people expressed an interest for such a utility this site was created. (CamGrab1 was free to download and use along with a selection of other small utilities for Yahoo Messenger.)

Yahoo's ever evolving versions of messenger changed the way webcams worked, this included a few new features (larger image size and super webcam). They also included a few more bugs. Most importantly it was the end for CamGrab1 :(

Work on a version of CamGrab compatible with the newer versions of messenger became CamGrab2. The result is you can download the always FREE version of CamGrab2 LE (Limited Edition) from the menu. Development has continued beyond the free version and with your support continues. CamGrab-2+ has evolved along with Messenger to include many enhanced features, improving quality and ease of use. Check out the 30 day free trial of CamGrab2+ and see for yourself.

Thank you for your support.

Andy :)


Upgrades to any future versions will be free to registered users.
Tested with: Yahoo Messenger V9 Windows XP, Windows Vista

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