CamGrab. Free, Easy to use simple utility for capture / playback of Yahoo Messenger users webcams. Save as image sequence or AVI video.

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Quick 10 Step Guide

1) Download and install CamGrab from the main CamGrab-2+ page. Once installed and run you will be presented with the following screen (Colours will vary as these are user configurable)


2) You are going to need a webcam to record (why else would you be running CamGrab yeah? :) In this example (or lack of friends) I'm viewing my own cam..

Because AutoRefresh is selected the webcam name automatically appears in the list. Double click the name to open the capture window

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3) Capture window's are where it all happens.. The only buttons we care about right now is the Start and Stop.. So lets hit the Start and go for it..


4) You know you are recording a webcam because the frame number is going up and the hand grabbing animation is playing..


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5) Stop button does just that, press it when you have finished recording the current webcam (or just want to pause for a while) you can start and stop as many times as you wish



6) That's the webcam saved so you can close the capture window. But now you want to play it back.. move your mouse over the thumb icon and click to open the browser.. here you can see the webcams you have saved but we just want to convert our webcam to a standard AVI video.. double click the thumbnail we have just recorded.

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7) That gives us the playback window (go on.. press the play button then.. ) From here we can click the disk icon to convert to AVI..

8) You get to choose the compressor (codec) used to save your recording. You might have your favorite already installed so go for it.. but if not I recommend DivX which you can download


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9) So you have your AVI file saved.. lets close the playback window and return the the thumbnail grid.. a refresh and you can see the AVI file marked with a 'A' in the top left corner

You can now delete the files saved by CamGrab to free up disk space, select the thumbnail (not the AVI we have just made) and press delete.


10) That's it! to get at your saved file you can press the browse button.. CamGrab by default will save the AVI files under a directory called CamGrab_AVI


a double click on the folder and there it is..

Don't forget the Getting Started User Guide or
for one on one feature support use our CamGrab2 forum at

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